South India Chart

Brief Summary of some of the interpretations from this chart:

His face is probably round and attractive, and almost childish. It is very expressive, and reflects his emotions. A well-proportioned and tall body.  Despite an energetic and active body, he may suffer from stomach troubles, cuts and wounds, long diseases, gout, rheumatism and dental issues. Most likely there will be black mole around his waist or on the face.

He will have a loveable personality. His deep intelligence and integrity will inspire good qualities in others. He is a communicative person with a comforting and generous nature. He is freedom loving, self-confident, ambitious, and self-respecting. He is keen in achieving his mission. He is openhearted and outspoken, but occasionally can be abusive and frank. He favors truth, peace, and he will strive hard to attain justice for himself and others. He appreciates the outdoors, the wilderness, and nature. He is happy amidst forests, hills, and similar environments.

He is logically minded, uncomplicated, and very inquisitive. He carefully weighs the pros and cons before reaching a decision. His mind is often engaged in the progress of financial growth. He has a strong mind and sharp memory, and seeks intellectual growth. He is emotionally sincere, caring, generous, and sympathetic. His speech is sweet and comforting. He loves expressing his feelings, and tends to be a bit talkative yet soft-spoken. He will have an on-going interest in learning, and loves playful and adventurous entertainment. Speculative activities may be attractive to him. He enjoys situations that allow him to express his feelings verbally. He will have a great sense of justice, gentle manners, few brothers, few children, and many journeys. He will be wealthy through own skills, efforts and initiative. Inheritances may occur in certain cases. The period between the age of 28 and 31 years some important change takes place in the family circle. His married life will be more or less very good. He normally gets a responsible and loving wife. At the same time the health of the spouse will be a cause of concern for him.

He may have a good ability for public speaking and teaching. Intelligent and with good managerial skills, he utilizes human and financial resources well. He is skilled at planning his financial growth. He is always ready to help those who are close to him, expressing genuine generosity with a strong sense of sharing. He will start his career quite early and will attain high positions especially in defense, research, banks and financial institutions, civil service, administration, planning, judiciary, and public prosecution. Period after the age of 38 years will mark all round success and prosperity.  The direction North would be most beneficial for him to pursue his vocation or take any opportunity that knocks at the door of destiny. While the direction East would be most challenging for him and best to avoid this direction. Any effort in this direction may not provide him with a fruitful result. 

The most important changes in his life will occur when 15, 30, 45 and 60 years of age. 


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