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***Accurate birth time is critical for an accurate reading. Even the difference of five minutes can change your entire chart. If you do not know your birth time, check your birth certificate or birth report. If you do not have one or the time is not printed on the copy you have, contact the county of your birth and ask for the the record of live births, Registrar, Recorder, or Health department. (Hospitals only retain birth records for typically twenty-five years) 

In some counties, clients have been able to obtain their birth time immediately in-person or by telephone by faxing their picture ID and a written request. If you cannot do so by phone, you will be required to complete an application or write a letter and pay a nominal fee and should receive your record within three to six weeks. Be sure to state that you request the birth time, otherwise you may receive a copy without the birth time noted. 

Information on how to retrieve your Birth Record if you were born in the County of Los Angeles can be obtained at

In the event that you were adopted and your records are sealed or you were born in another country that does not record the time, the birth time can be determined by using a technique called rectification done by an astrologer.

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